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Transform Web Pages into Stunning Visual Experiences with CSS

In our "CSS And Web Styling" course, you'll harness the power of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to breathe life into web pages. Learn to design responsive layouts, apply dynamic styling, and craft visually captivating websites.

Tools and Topics Covered:

  • Master CSS selectors, properties, and values.
  • Create responsive designs for various screen sizes.
  • Implement animations and transitions.
  • Develop CSS frameworks for consistency.
  • Customize web fonts and typography.
  • Explore best practices in CSS for web development.

Real-World Tasks and Issues:

  • Style web pages for diverse industries, such as e-commerce and portfolio sites.
  • Optimize web design for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Collaborate on redesigning real websites to enhance their visual appeal.
  • Solve CSS compatibility issues across browsers.
  • Apply CSS frameworks to streamline development.

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