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Explore the Foundations of Web Development with HTML

In our "Intro To HTML" course, you'll dive into the essential language of web development, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). You'll not only understand the syntax and structure of HTML but also explore how it forms the backbone of every web page.

Tools and Topics Covered:

  • Master the fundamentals of HTML5.
  • Create structured web content with headings, paragraphs, lists, and links.
  • Embed multimedia elements like images and videos.
  • Formulate tables for data presentation.
  • Understand HTML forms for user interaction.
  • Explore the latest HTML5 features for modern web development.

Real-World Tasks and Issues:

  • Build a personal website from scratch.
  • Create and format web pages for various industries.
  • Optimize web content for search engines.
  • Address cross-browser compatibility challenges.
  • Collaborate on group projects to simulate real web development scenarios.

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